Amid Communal Clashes Across States, A UP Jail Sets Example for Solidarity Among Muslims and Hindus. Here’s How


Amidst unsettling incidents of communal clashes and controversies over use of loudspeakers, the Barabanki district jai in Uttar Pradesh has reported a heart-warming news. The inmates at Barabanki district jail have set an example of religious solidarity as around a dozen Hindu inmates have also been fasting (roza) during the month of Ramzan.

The jail administration has made special arrangements for Iftaar of both Hindu and Muslim inmates who are fasting. Similarly, during the Hindu festival of Navratri, Muslim inmates also fast to accompany their Hindu peers.

This started few years ago when about two hundred Hindu prisoners lodged in Barabanki district jail began fasting with Muslim prisoners during the holy month of Ramzan. Since then, Hindu prisoners are setting a unique example of religious unity and brotherhood by fasting in jail.

At present there are about 1400 prisoners in Barabanki District Jail, out of which a total of 250 prisoners are fasting this time in the holy month of Ramzan. Out of these, there are a few Hindu inmates who have joined their Muslim peers to observe fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan.

Meanwhile, the jail administration has made all the necessary arrangements for Iftar – from dates to milk and tea are being given to the prisoners who are fasting. Apart from this, delicious dishes are also provided to the inmates. Hindu inmates also observe fasting throughout the day, like their Muslim counterparts, and even wake up with them at 3 in the morning and do sehri.

Speaking to News18 on the arrangements and bonhomie during Ramzan, the jailor of Barabanki District Jail, Alok Shukla said, “Around 250 inmates at Barabanki district jail are fasting due to Ramzan and out of these 15 are Hindu inmates. There are also some Muslims who fast during Navratri along with their Hindu counterparts. Meals are prepared for them and everything that is prescribed for those fasting is included in the meals.”

“We are happy to see this religious harmony inside the jail. There might be differences in the outer world but inside the jail all live peacefully and follow their respective religions with peace and brotherhood,” Shukla said.

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