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Your Capricorn May 2022 horoscope has you in a playful mood. Your fun-loving energy is infectious and will attract other like-minded pleasure seekers into your circle. It really will be a case of ‘the-more-the-merrier’ as the warm rays of the Sun’s happy smiling vibe reach far and wide.

This is also the sector of children, so you will enjoy horsing around with younger members of your tribe. Others will enjoy acting like teenagers, so let your hair right down until May 21. After that, it is back to work and the cold shower of organizing your life and waking up at a civilized hour.

Capricorn May Emotional Horoscope

Friends become extremely important with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 16 May 2022  will be a time when you feel like confiding your innermost dreams and fears to your best pal and they will be very receptive towards hearing them.You should experience support and protective nurturing from your closest friends at this time which makes you really appreciative of your little clan.

You will want to spend time with like-minded souls around the time of the Full Moon. It would be good idea to arrange a get-together well in advance so nobody misses out on your ‘coven’s social magic. Read my dedicated Eclipse post for more details on how the lunar eclipse will work for your sign.

Capricorn May Love Horoscope

From May 3 to 28 if you are single, take time making your home comfortable for two, build it and they will come! Make your nest as inviting as possible, and for heaven’s sake tidy-up if your singledom has turned you into a class-A slob.

Another possibility could be meeting someone when you go back and visit your parents. You could rekindle things with an old flame from your old town because you are both available at the same time.

Capricorn May Career Horoscope

Mercury turns retrograde this month from May 10 to June 2 read all about what it means for your sign in my dedicated Mercury Retrograde post. Until May 9 your mind will not be the most imaginative. So it is best to use it to do all the odd bits and bobs that you have been putting off for ages.

If you are an employee, you might get asked to do all the skanky jobs that no one wants to do. Clearing out the smelly stationary cupboard, or some really nasty menial task that makes you feel like a servant. Stick your headphones on to get through it.

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Capricorn May horoscope

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