D-Von Dudley shares an update on how he is feeling after his recent back surgery


On this week’s episode of “Table Talk,” D-Von Dudley gave us an update on how he’s doing after his recent back surgery.

“My back is doing phenomenal. I went from a walker, to a cane, and now I’m not even using a cane now,” Dudley said. “So I have my back brace, which is great.”

“Each day that goes by, it gets better and better where I feel less pain. I’m now just really enjoying my life in terms of no more pain, no more pulling of my hamstrings, and no one numbness going down my legs. My doctor, Dr. Glen Manzano, out of Dr. Phillips Hospital in Orlando, was a tremendous doctor.”

“I mean, they were only supposed to go in there and do L4 and L5. Then when they opened me up, they saw L6 was bad, so they had to clear that up. They had to shift my spine back to tilt it a little bit because our spine is supposed to be tilted a little bit. So they had to tilt it a little bit back to where it was because it went straight. Again, that’s from all the bumping over the years.”

“The nerve damage, they said when they went in there was unbelievable. They had never seen anything like that. The doctor had to come out and tell her (his wife), ‘The surgery is only going to take two hours, but it looks like we’re going longer.’ It winds up being seven hours.”

You can see the full episode of D-Von Dudley’s “Table Talk,” in which he discusses his surgery below.

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D-Von Dudley shares an update on how he is feeling after his recent back surgery

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