Jimmy Garoppolo says he’d welcome package deal with Deebo Samuel


On Thursday, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo spoke on FanSided’s Stacking The Box, and said he wouldn’t mind a package deal with Deebo Samuel.

Jimmy Garoppolo and Deebo Samuel, coming to a city near you? Perhaps together.

In an exclusive interview with FanSided’s Mark Carman on the Stacking The Box podcast, Garoppolo spoke at length about his admiration for teammate Deebo Samuel, a star receiver who has requested a trade.

“I would do that in a heartbeat,” Garoppolo said when asked his thoughts on a potential package deal with Samuel. “Those things will take care of themselves, but I didn’t even think of that idea. That’s not bad.”

Jimmy Garoppolo would welcome package trade with Deebo Samuel

Although this would be tricky to perform, the Niners would have to consider it should they honor Samuel’s request. Garoppolo has been tough to move so far, but attaching him to Samuel would help move him to another city while providing San Francisco with cap relief.

From a financial standpoint for other clubs, it’s possible for another team to take on both, but the contracts would have to be worked on significantly. Samuel is scheduled to make $4.89 million this season in the final year of his deal, while Garoppolo’s cap hit comes in at $26.95 million. While extensions could lower the immediate figures and allow for rollover money to be pushed down the line, it’s a serious ask for any organization.

Still, there are teams this makes sense for. The Carolina Panthers are chief among them, desperately needing upgrade at quarterback. For Carolina general manager Scott Fitterer, a trade of 2023 picks would be best, with the Panthers not having second- or third-round choices in next week’s draft.

Another team that makes sense? The New Orleans Saints. They have a pair of first-round picks and need both weapons and a quarterback. However, even with general manager Mickey Loomis’ well-known penchant for cap gymnastics, this could be a trick too far for him.

For Garoppolo, it would be a godsend. The 31-year-old quarterback goes to another starting gig paired with one of the league’s elite weapons, and one he’s familiar with.

Additionally, Garoppolo talked in Stacking The Box about being a vocal supporter for the skilled trades, will also join International Signing Day, alongside his father, Tony, 40-year career electrician.


Jimmy Garoppolo says he’d welcome package deal with Deebo Samuel

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