Karnataka: Now, ‘halal’ icecream on radar of fringe groups | Mangaluru News – Times of India


MANGALURU: The halal controversy has hit an icecream business in coastal Mangaluru city as messages on social media platforms have started calling for a boycott of the brand.
The uproar is a sequel to the recent hijab row that has spawned several other flashpoints in a short span of time such as the drive against allowing Muslim traders in temple fairs and an anti-halal meat campaign.
“Urging Hindu businesses to remove Halal certification from their products within a month. If not done, Karnataka, especially Udupi, DK and Mangalore will boycott the brand including the parlour,” a message on social media read.
The brand in question got its product halal certified a few years back following a campaign that alleged the ingredients used in the icecream were not fit to be consumed by a community.
After the business took a hit, the firm got the product halal-certified. Now, the same certification has caused fresh trouble for the brand.
Sources in the firm told TOI that the management will adopt a wait-and-watch policy.
“The competition wants to bring down the brand as they cannot match quality or price. Halal means any food that is suitable for consumption. It does not mean that it only pertains to meat products. There is a lot of misconception that halal means only meat products,” a source said, adding that they do not want to give any official statement at the moment.
The brand has affirmed on its website that the ice cream and other products are fully vegetarian. Even eggs are not used to make the ice cream.


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