Kurt Angle reveals he told Jeff Hardy to “tone it down” during his Impact Wrestling run


During this week’s “The Kurt Angle Show,” Angle talked about Jeff Hardy’s style, whether Jeff was ever told to tone it down, and the differences between Matt and Jeff.

Kurt Angle was asked if he ever told Jeff Hardy to tone down his ring style when they were both in TNA:

“I told him he needs to tone it down. I told him that at house shows and some of the TVs, don’t use all your stuff. Save it for the Pay-Per-Views and the big TVs, the important TVs, because you only have one body, and if you bang it up too much, you’re not going to be able to perform anymore,” Angle said.

“If you want to have a nice long career, you need to save yourself and make sure you only do the spots that you do in the most important matches, the Pay-Per-View matches and the important TV matches. The other stuff, you can just wrestle and have fun, and participate with the fans and include them in the match. Just enjoy yourself without doing anything crazy. Jeff always did crazy stuff. He never let his fans down even at house shows. He was doing the Swanton from the top rope. He was diving over the top rope outside of the ring. He always put his body in jeopardy no matter what kind of show it was.”

“Of course, you know what? I didn’t tone it down either.”

On the difference between Matt & Jeff Hardy’s style in the ring:

“They both had identical styles, but very different styles at the same time. Matt had this hereditary problem where he couldn’t bend his knees. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it. When he gets up, he uses his hands. His legs are straight and he has to push himself up on his feet. So his wrestling style is different because of that. But he’s still a high flyer. He does some crazy stuff,” Kurt said.

“Jeff was just crazy as hell. He probably put his body on the line more than anybody I’ve ever met.”

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