Myron Reed discusses his third MLW Middleweight Title reign, Tajiri, The Rascalz-IMPACT pitch


MLW World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed was interviewed by Andrew Thompson at the ‘Intimidation Games’ taping in Dallas, Texas. Myron discussed representation in wrestling, his third Middleweight Title reign, being inspired by Tajiri, The Rascalz pitching for him to appear on IMPACT Wrestling television and more.

Myron comments on his third MLW Middleweight Title reign, the organization getting behind him: Man, I’m just happy that they’re [MLW] letting me grow each time man. I felt like each reign [World Middleweight Title reign] was something new for me to learn, something new for me to evolve with so, I’m looking at this as like a learning experience because when the time comes, the young goat’s trying to spread his wings.

Myron talks about being inspired by Tajiri, getting to work with Tajiri in MLW: Man, I’m gonna tell you a little something. If you see my pants, the pants I’ve been wearing, go look at Tajiri’s pants and just think, there’s a lot of inspiration there bro so, that match [against Tajiri in MLW] was something huge. It was a lot bigger than what it probably felt like it was. It was big for me. It was a guy I got to watch on TV, I took inspiration from his pants and I’m like yo, I get to step in the same ring with this same guy I was watching when I was kid growing up so like, it’s surreal man.

The Rascalz pitched for Myron to appear on IMPACT Wrestling TV for their farewell segment: Like you said, it would have been awesome. It would have been awesome to open that door and let me come in there and support my brothers man [The Rascalz pitching for Myron Reed to be a part of their IMPACT Wrestling farewell]. Those guys, just like I said about Ace Austin; Trey Miguel, f*cking Zachary Wentz [Nash Carter], Dezmond Xavier [Wes Lee], these are like big brothers to me when I moved to Ohio. I was new, I didn’t know nothing, they got the system down so when I got there, I was like, I watched these guys and I’m like, ‘Yo, these guys are f*cking great’ so I gotta literally evolve, I gotta get better so these guys made me better. They made me better pretty much so literally, I feel like we were the best guys in the house and we had that bond, that connection, all that stuff so we was like, ‘Cool, we’re gonna start The Lil Rascalz or The Rascalz’ and we did that sh*t at CZW, but then eventually, the paths were different and sh*t like that but you know, like I said, they’ve always been in a spot where I’m watching them and I’m like, ‘I gotta do better.’ They’ve always made me do better. They’re in the WWE right now so like, that’s everybody’s goal I feel like eventually over time, so you know, they’re making me work hard. I’m like, if my brothers are doing it and I was right there with them, it’s time for me to work hard and get right there with them again, you know what I mean? It is what it is but I’m proud of my brothers man. I’m proud of my brothers.


Myron Reed discusses his third MLW Middleweight Title reign, Tajiri, The Rascalz-IMPACT pitch

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