‘Nyay ka bulldozer’ will keep on rolling: Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta on Jahangirpuri demolition



NEW DELHI: Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta on Friday asserted that “nyay ka bulldozer” (bulldozer of justice) will keep on rolling and alleged that the AAP has panicked because its vote bank Rohingiyas and Bangladeshis will be removed.

“Manish Sisodia and other AAP leaders’ dreams were dashed because we are determined to keep on using bulldozers against encroachments by Rohingyas and Bangladeshis whom they (AAP) helped to settle down in Delhi and in turn benefitted from their illegal activities,” he charged.

Earlier in the day, Sisodia accused Delhi BJP councillors of demanding bribe from city residents following instructions of Gupta to the mayors of BJP-ruled municipal corporations to remove illegal encroachments by using bulldozers.

Sisodia called the development “truth of the BJP’s bulldozer politics” and gave a call to his party MLAs to firmly stand by the people who are being “intimidated, blackmailed and threatened” by the saffron party councillors.

Gupta has written letters to mayors for removal of encroachments in their areas by Rohingyas, Bangladeshis and ‘anti-social’ elements.

The BJP leader added that since the bulldozers started removing encroachments at Jahangirpuri in northwest Delhi, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal and his party leaders have started losing their “mental balance” because their vote bank Rohingyas and Bangladeshis were being removed.


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