Scepter marks a whole week to celebrate golf course maintenance crews



Golf course and turf maintenance professionals deserve to be celebrated every day, of course. Fuel container company Scepter has marked not just a day but a full week on the calendar — April 17-24 — as Turf Pros Week, in recognition of the hardworking professionals who keep the golf courses we all enjoy looking pristine.

“Those of us who play golf take for granted the constant work and attention to detail that goes into keeping the fairways and greens in playing shape,” Scepter marketing and business development VP Dan Marshall said. “We want to pay tribute to the pros who work tirelessly so we can enjoy a beautiful day on the course.”

One of the ways Scepter is celebrating golf course maintenance pros is by making their jobs a little easier — their Duramax fuel caddy and SmartControl fuel cans allow for convenient and efficient refueling without the worry of spills and overfills.

“You can take these fuel containers anywhere,” Marshall said. “We designed them to be easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about spills damaging turf or creating a safety hazard.”

Both the Duramax and SmartControl containers are made of durable, high-density polyethylene and were designed to be safe, easy to use and improve efficiency for pros. The Duramax is offered in gasoline-compliant models while SmartControl containers are offered in gasoline, diesel and kerosene-compliant models.

What else is in store for Turf Pros Week? Stay tuned.



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