The 2022 Vacation Capsule Wardrobe: 9 Essentials You Should Always Pack


After having to stand on my suitcase and push with all my strength to get my carry-on to close far too many times to remember, I decided I’m going to have to reconsider my packing process. As an avid overthinker, I almost always feel like I need to pack more than I need. I’ll decide on a few different outfits but then inevitably get the idea that what I put together is not enough and add a couple of extra items “just in case.” We did a recent interview with Gigi Hadid, where she explains how she likes to focus on packing lightly and mixes and matches to create no-fuss outfits, so if a supermodel was packing light, why was I stuffing my suitcase with things I didn’t even end up wearing?

On my last vacation, I started to prioritize nine key essentials while packing, and the trip ended up being a fashion success. While I pre-planned outfits, I was still able to mix and match pieces in case I wasn’t feeling one of my original looks or if the plans for the day had to change. Each look was easy and effortless and still looked good on the ‘gram. If you’re planning a trip soon and want to see the capsule wardrobe I followed, keep scrolling. You (and your suitcase zipper) won’t regret it.


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