The Specific Summer Dress Trend I’m Suddenly Noticing Everywhere


Meghan Markle’s wedding reception dress may have reignited a halter-dress craze back in 2018, but the 2022 version of the trend includes a very specific detail: extra-thin halter straps. It’s not a coincidence if this trend makes you think of that terry-cloth string halter dress from Limited Too you wore in middle school because Y2K trends are absolutely back in full swing these days. 

There are several different ways brands are interpreting the string-halter trend, ranging from shoestring halters to barely-there floss straps. Naturally, the trend also has plenty of celebrity and influencer fans, including Rihanna, Katie Holmes, Camille Charriere, Caroline Daur, and more. Scroll down to shop my favorite string halter dresses. 


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