Try These Natural Ways To Keep Your Hair Oil-Free


Try These Natural Ways To Keep Your Hair Oil-Free: To fight frizz and greasiness, those with dry or rigid hair should use a smoother shampoo and conditioner, according to conventional knowledge. But what if standard shampoos and conditioners are the sources of the actual problem? Is not washing your hair the answer?

We believe that there’s one thing that even the laziest of us simply cannot stand, it’s greasy hair. And not washing your hair won’t do any good to them. It is not only ugly to look at, but it is also incredibly irritating and itchy.

So, what is the solution? We have come to provide you with some respite. Here are some natural alternatives and helpful tips to go ‘poo-free.’

Try These Natural Ways To Keep Your Hair Oil-Free At Home

Multani Mitti

Multani mitti, also known as Fuller’s Earth, has purifying benefits for the skin and hair. Its naturally absorbent characteristics help it to remove oil from your hair while staying gentle on your skin. Multani mitti is used in a variety of ways, from washing and conditioning to smoothening and removing excess oil or sebum.

If you choose, you can forego using a separate conditioner. Just make sure to thoroughly rinse the clay out of your hair. Because multani mitti is extremely absorbent, you should avoid it if you have a really dry, itchy scalp.

Reetha, Shikakai and Amla

These Ayurvedic ingredients might help you transform a poor hair day into a good hair day. The herbal composition of amla, shikakai, and reetha aids in the removal of excess oil without interfering with the levels of natural oil. Because of its anti-fungal and cleaning characteristics, this potion will help prevent the growth of dandruff.

You can rely on these products to perform their magic on your mane. Because this combination provides a superb cleanser, your hair appears lively and lustrous after each wash.

Making a powder of these three components and using it as a paste or mask is the simplest method to include them in your hair care regimen.

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