Will Barton, DeMarcus Cousins Separated During Blowout Loss At Warriors


The Denver Nuggets had teammates bickering with one another during a second half that saw them being blown out by the Golden State Warriors while Nikola Jokic was also ejected.

“We’re getting our ass whupped and a lot of emotions flare up,” a clearly frustrated Monte MorrisĀ said. “We’ve just got to be tougher and stay together. We’re not giving ourselves a chance to beat this team with a lot of mistakes.

“And also, we’ve got no f—ing chance if we’re going to be apart. We’ve got to stay locked in, stay together.”

Will Barton and DeMarcus Cousins exchanged words with Barton needing to be restrained.

“Nothing, just some goofy s—,” Barton said when asked what happened. “Just some goofy s— that happened on the bench that I shouldn’t entertain. I can’t let that happen in the series, in the playoffs, in the game. I’ve got to be better than that.”


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